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Top Two Tone Kitchens that will stun you

May 23, 2019 · 2 mins read
Top Two Tone Kitchens that will stun you
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Are you looking for kitchen ideas? Do you want to modernise your kitchen? Then check out these great designs to get some inspiration for your dream kitchen.

Black and white wooden kitchen The colour combination with this one is superb. The dark kitchen doors go well with the light floor while all the appliances white. It’s a great idea to put the kitchen sink under a window since this way you can look outside while washing the dishes and you also get natural lighting.

Brown and white kitchen This is more conservative and does not look as good as the previous. But why? Perhaps the windows are not well placed therefore the lighting is strange and the kitchen doors are too dark. Somehow the mahagony floor does not go well with the dark brown kitchen doors.

Light kitchen dark grey and white walls This one looks much better. The kitchen sink is under the window again which is great. The chrome fridge puts the cherry on the top with this kitchen. White kitchen doors, grey walls and light floor is a great combination.

Light kitchen grey and white walls Again we can see that the chrome fridge goes well with many styles. Here we have lighter grey walls and the kitchen is stunning. Tip: chrome fridges go well with everything.

Light kitchen brown and white walls The big windows bring lots of light to this magnificient kitchen. The unusual walls with its coloured edges are one of a kind. Pay attention that the walls are grey and the ceiling is white and due to the edges have different colour the whole thing looks great.

Light kitchen with white tiles and grey ceiling Here the designer tiled up the whole wall, up till the ceiling. This is unusual and looks great here. The reason why it is so pleasing to the eye is because the ceiling and the other wall have different colours. Tip: don’t be affraid to use different colours.

Light kitchen with grey walls Floor tiles can give a nice touch to the overall view of the kitchen. The nice big windows give plenty of natural light to this kitchen.

Light kitchen with dark floor This kitchen has a nice clean design too with its rustic wooden floor.

Light kitchen green walls Strong colours can look good too. As an example check these light green walls. The colours are harmonising with the white kitchen doors and with the granite kitchen top. Furthermore the ceiling has a nice angle as well with a different colour compared the walls.

Rustic white and brown wooden kitchen This nice rustic kitchen demonstrates how important the matching chairs and the nice lightings are.

White kitchen with blue island Finally this beautiful kitchen has a unique ceiling with its textures and the kitchen island’s light blue colour gives a nice unique feel to it.

Hope you found some new ideas for your next kitchen. If you liked this page, please be sure to share it with your friends.

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